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Synthesis, Anticancer And Catalytic Activities Of Novel Mono Nuclear Cu2+, Co2+, And Zn2+ Complexes Involving Benzotriazol, Ethane- 1, 2- Diamine And 4,4’- Diaminocyclohexylmethane Ligands

In this study, serval eco-friendly novel complexes were synthe sized and characterized having the general formula of [CoC46H 60Cl2 N8 O4 ] (I), [CuC43H53Cl2 N7 O3 ] (II), [CuC4 H16Cl2 N4 O8 ] (III) and [Cl4 Zn, C13H28 N2 , H2 O] (IV) using benzotriazol, Ethane-1,2- Diamine, and 4,4’-Diaminocyclohexylmethane as ligands through one-pot method using anhydrous methanol or ethanol with dif ferent metal salt (2:1 eqv) metal to ligand stoichiometry.

Chronic Infection Related To Tunneled Catheter for Hemodialysis with Presence of Macroscopic Microbial Biofilm

Although the recommended vascular access for hemodialysis is the arteriovenous fistula, tunneled central venous catheters (CVC) are commonly used for treatment. In hemodialysis patients, infec tions are the most common cause of morbidity and are the second most common cause of mortality of which CVCs are common po tential causes. Prevention, timely detection, and proper treatment of infections related to percutaneous vascular accesses are defining factors in the reduction of complications.

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