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Collapsing Glomerulopathy Following Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and Response to Treatment

1. Background Over 13 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered worldwide. Though these vaccines have been proven safe and effective by large clinical trials, there is an emerging evidence of rare adverse events. We report here case of de-novo nephrotic range proteinuria and acute kidney injury caused by collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis […]

Evaluation of Clinical Significance of Vitamin B12 Status in Patients Admitted with Acute Febrile Illness Thrombocytopenia at Tertiary Care Hospital

1. Abstract 1.1. Background: Thrombocytopenia is one of the most important hematological manifestations of many infections which may present with pyrexia. Vitamin B12 deficiency is highly prevalent nutritional deficiency in India and it may also be associated with low levels of platelets. This study was planned to evaluate clinical significance of vitamin B12 status in […]

Cloning, Expression, and Dimer formation Assay of GANAB cDNA in Lung Cancer Cells

1. Abstract 1.1. Background: Glucosidase II is an endoplasmic reticulum heterodimer enzyme, a neutral glucosidase, involved in the trading and folding of newly synthesized glycoproteins in the endoplasmic reticulum. The destruction of GANAB leads to the accumulation of misfolded glycoproteins and the induction of unfolded protein responses. GANAB is also a key regulator of glycosylation.

Incidence of Periphral Neuropathy in Breast Cancer Women on Paclitaxel

1. Abstract 1.1. Background: Breast cancer is the most prevalence cause of cancer death among women and the fifth largest cause of cancer death globally, treatment of breast cancer include hormonal that can be change to other chemotherapy when the response is poor, Paclitaxel is the one of the most chemotherapy used in this reason […]

A look back before looking ahead: Quality of A look back before looking ahead: Quality of Life (QoL) in women affected by complex vascular anomalies. Lessons learned to improve their health and well beingLife (QoL) in women affected

1. Abstract 1.1. Background: Patients with disabling complex vascular anomalies (VA) have decreased quality of life (QoL). 1.2. Objectives: To assess QoL of women with complex VA with the help of the global Well-Being Scale (QWBSA). 1.3. Method: Female adult patients from the vascular anomaly clinic of a single tertiary care center in Canada have […]

The Physics of Darwinian Evolution

1. Abstract This paper describes the physical (thermodynamic) laws that govern Darwinian Evolution. When one understands how to apply these laws of physics, it becomes clear how clinical, experimental, and empirical examples of Darwinian Evolution behave the way they do. In particular, this paper shows which thermodynamic laws need to be applied to model and […]

Very High Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation at Skeppsbron in the Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden

We published recently three case reports on persons that developed the microwave syndrome within short after the installation of 5G base station close to their dwellings. The health symptoms were attributed to high levels of RF radiation measured in their apart ments. Since before we have reported levels of RF radiation at cer tain places in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2019 one location with es pecially high levels was at Skeppsbron in the Old Town

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