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Publications trends in major anesthesiology journals: A 20-year analysis of five top-ranked journals in the field

1.1. Background: With the intention to quantify the importance of a medical journal, the impact factor (IF) was introduced. It has become a de facto fictive rating instrument of the importance of medical journals. Also, it is often used to asses the value of the individual publications within the specific journal. The aim of the present study was to analyze publication trends over 20 years in five high-ranked anesthesiology journals.

Cardiopulmonary bypass graft in a post COVI-19 thalassemic patient

Thalassemia is of the most frequent haemoglobinopathy that includes a heterogeneous group of inherited autosomal recessive pathologies caused by defective synthesis of globin subunit that comprise haemoglobin production. In β-thalassemia, insufficient quantities of β-globin chains are produced, causing ineffective erythropoiesis and microcytic hypochromic anaemia.

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