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Mucocutaneous Involvement in Behcets Disease

Behçet’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by its clinical polymorphism associating mucocutaneous involvement to systemic manifestations. The mucocutaneous lesions are considered the hallmark of the disease, being the most common symptoms presenting at the onset of disease. Our objective was to determine the characteristics of this skin involvement during Behçet’s disease

Thoracic Spinal Epidural Hematoma

An 8 year old male presented to the emergency department with back pain. The pain was non-radiating, located in the midthoracic region, progressively increasing and made worse with walking.

Pseudo-Abdominal Hernia: A Retrospective Study with A Review of The Literature

Pseudo-abdominal hernia presents as a localized compressible bulge without an actual paresis of muscles. Pseudo hernias can occur after ventral nerve root damage secondary to excision of radiculopathy, Lyme disease, poliomyelitis, syringomyelia, diabetic truncal neuropathy, polyradiculoneuropathy, prolapsed L1-L2 intervertebral disc, and rarely due to Herpes Zoster (HZ).

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