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The DTR Technique – Drilling Through Roots of Posterior Teeth for Anatomically Guided Implant Placement – Case Series with 8 Year Follow Up

1. Introduction The surgical placement of dental implants for damaged or missing teeth is a well-established technique that has been well-documented in the literature, demonstrating a high percentage of success. In recent decades, there has been an increasing acceptance of immediate implant placement (IIP) following the first evidence of placing implants into newly extracted sockets […]

The Biophyisacal Modeling of the Perturbations in the Living System

1. Abstract A classic example of the symbiosis of structural and functional perturbations is vascular occlusion due to atherosclerosis. Narrowing of the blood vessel is already a serious danger, because very often the formed elements in the blood coagulate as blood clots – larger structural formulas.

In-Vitro Evaluation of Heavy Metal Tolerance and Biosorptive Potential of Two Native Strains of Bacillus Cereus Against Nickel and Cobalt

1. Abstract Heavy metal contamination now a day is one of the major global environmental concerns and industrial effluent is commonly used for irrigation. Increasing industrial rate in the modern world is responsible for increase in concentration of heavy metals. Present study was designed to isolate and identify some indigenous heavy metal tolerant bacteria from […]

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