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Role of Amelogenin in Human Identification

1. Abstract Sex typing is essential in medical diagnosis of sexlinked disease and forensic science. Gender for criminal evidence of offender is usually as the initialinformation for investigation.

The Medical Laboratory and the Analysis of Biological Material

1. Abstract Medical diagnostics is a basic step in disease detection and serves to monitor the effect of therapy. This is supported by the fact that 70 to 80 percent of medical decisions about therapies and methods of treating patients are based on diagnostics carried out by medical laboratories.

In Shortly about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

1. Abstract The human body depends on oxygen for survival. Organic tissues need an ideal oxygen supply for proper functioning. Lack of oxygen can reduce blood flow, damage tissue, cause premature aging, thin hair and even affect memory. Injured tissue needs more oxygen to survive.

A Few Words about Genome

1. Abstract The word genome can refer specifically to the DNA in the nucleus of a cell, but it can also refer to the genome of organelles that contain their own DNA.

The Experience of a Victim is a Traumatic Experience

1. Abstract A victim is any person who has suffered physical and mental consequences, property damage or a significant violation of fundamental rights and freedoms as a direct result of a criminal act. Spouses and common-law partners, life partners or informal life partners, and descendants are also considered victims of a criminal act.

The Effectiveness of Home-Based Mirror Therapy in Reduction of Phantom Limb Pain in Unilateral Below-Knee Amputees

1. Abstract 1.1. Introduction: Phantom limb pain (PLP), a prevalent condition among amputees, causes many challenges and long-term complications for those affected. One treatment that offers a low-risk and cost-effective solution is mirror therapy, which can be conducted at home. This study aims to determin the effect of homebased mirror therapy for unilateral below-knee amputees […]

Mathematical Model of Anal Canal for Anal Fistula Surgery

1. Abstract 1.1. Purpose: Surgery is necessary for the treatment of an anal fistula. However, excision of some sphincter muscle would compromise sphincter integrity or function, which is the cause of a reduced success rate in the long term. In order to develop an appropriate surgical plan, a mathematical model that describes the relationship between […]

Proposal for Physical Maturation Level Derived from WHO Standard Height Data

1. Abstract Disclosure of standard physical growth values by the WHO has been very important. With this data, physical growth in individual countries becomes easier to assess with the status of global physical growth published as standard physical growth. However, while cross-sectional assessment is possible if standard physical growth distance values are known, longitudinal assessment […]

Children’s Height in China in The Past Half Century

1. Abstract China was very poor for more than a few decades after WWII and was hit by severe famines in the end of the 1950s and the early-60s. Its economy started to make remarkably rapid progress in the 1980s to become nearly equivalent to the other north-east- ern countries, Japan and South Korea, toward […]

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