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Simultaneous Intraoral Condylectomy and Orthognathic Surgery for Unilateral Condylar Hyperplasia: A Case Report

1. Abstract Unilateral condylar hyperplasia is a rare condition characterized by persistent condyle growth resulting in progressively worsening facial asymmetry and malocclusion. Multiple treatment modalities have been described. This case report details the diagnosis and management of a 33-year-old female with type 2 unilateral condylar hyperplasia. The patient underwent simultaneous intraoral condylectomy and orthognathic surgery.

Sequential Bispecific Antibodies in Functional and Clinical High Risk Multiple Myeloma, Manifesting with Extramedullary Disease at Relapse: A Case Report

1. Case Report Despite recent advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), the disease remains incurable. Triple class refractory (TCR) patients, defined as refractory to a proteasome inhibitor (PI), immunomodulatory agent (IMiD), and anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody have demonstrated to have especially poor outcomes with a median overall survival of less than 1 year [1-3].

Microwave Ablation of Abdominal Wall Endometrioma: Case Report

1. Abstract Abdominal wall endometriosis (AWE) is un uncommon type of endometriosis that develops more often after a surgical procedure. Typically, wide surgical excision is the treatment of choice when hormonal therapy fail to control the symptoms, although negative margins are necessary to minimize recurrences.

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