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Clinical and evolutionary features of SARS CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) in children

Starting with December 2019 the medical world has faced a new challenge as a consequence of a new type of coronavi rus-2019-nCoV, similar to several familiar strains that determine a comparable symptomatology (SARS- severe acute respirato ry syndrome, MERS- Middle East severe acute respiratory syn drome), subsequently named SARS CoV-2, while the disease it causes- COVID-19. The virus is of animal origin and through an intermediate host (probably also a mammal) it suffered genetic changes thus acquiring human cells receptors.

An Orocutaneous Fistula In A Puckered Scar Treated With Local Flaps : A Case Report

Aesthetic facial reconstruction requires understanding regional anatomy and tissue movement and the ability to use innovative ly the tissue adjacent to the defect to create a reconstruction that preserves the function of the area and the cosmetic facial units [1]. Here we present a case of right cheek post-operative puckered scar with orocutaneous fistula operated and covered with hinge flap for inner lining and limberg flap for cover. The defect is filled with tissue of the same thickness and colour, and with good vascularity [2]. Here we used local tissues for facial resurfacing to restore fa cial contour and closure of fistula.

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