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Walking rehabilitation using Hybrid Assistive Limb and C-Brace for an individual with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury: a case report

Many individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) hope to restore walking function irrespective of their impairment. We present a case with chronic incomplete cervical SCI who could regain com munity ambulation by gait training with hybrid assistive limb (HAL), followed by fitting and training of microprocessor-con trolled knee ankle foot orthosis (C-Brace). The walking and bal ance ability continuously improved in the course of rehabilitation.

Post-COVID pulmonary mucormycosis- A case report

Pulmonary mucormycosis, a relatively rare fungal lung disease, is difficult to diagnose. It is increasingly reported immuno-com promised patients that inhale fungal spores in the air or paranasal sinus, resulting in pulmonary mucormycosis.

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