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Therapeutic Writing

1. Abstract The concept about the “therapeutic writing” has its beginning from an autobiographic work, realized in 2003, whose title is Letters to a real interlocutor. My sense.

The Writing: Method to Work with the Interiority

I have never associated the term “therapeutic” with the meaning of a resolutory and definitive act for the person, but I have always glimed between it aims the indication of a path to the support and protection of those who live a precarious balance, both in Relation to their physical wellbeing both for their delicate […]

Why Korean Teens Started Declining in Height Growth in The Midst of Economic Prosperity: Despite Increasing Supply of Animal Protein?

In ten years after the end of WWII, Japan’s economy recovered to the prewar level and achieved fast and steady progress toward the 1990s. People, the young in particular learned to eat animal prod ucts and the teens grew in height nearly 10 cm by the early-1990s and plateaued in stature after that. South Korea was two decades behind Japan in economic development due to the Korean War (1950-53) and then has achieved uninterrupted progress to parallel with Japan in respect of living standard by the turn of the century.

Case of Anthrax abdominal form in Kazakhstan

Anthrax is a dangerous zoonotic infection that is transmitted from farm animals to humans, when cutting, butchering infected animals, contact with meat and other animal products. Infection occurs by contact, alimentary, aerogenic pathways, while developing corresponding clinical forms – skin /ulcerative, abdominal / intestinal, pulmonary /pneumonic

COVID-19 and Responsible Conduct of Research

COVID-19 has emerged as one of the largest pandemic of century, with 15 785 641 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 640 016 deaths, reported by WHO to date [1]. It has revealed that the world was clearly not ready for the surprise. The emergency response encompassed massive efforts to ensure health care delivery.

Hookah Use and COVID-19

A hookah (shisha, waterpipe) use may increase the risk of suffering from serious symptoms due to COVID-19. Like smoking, hookahs may exacerbate the risk for severe COVID-19 through shared use and being difficult-to-clean the long pipes and having a cold water reservoir. Social gatherings also provide an opportunity for the virus to spread.

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