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Book Review ‘Book of Basic Nursing Concepts’

1. Introduction This book is intended for teachers and students to more easily understand the basic things that are necessary understood before becoming a nurse. Nursing as an integral part of health service, also determines the quality of health service.

Borderline Ovarian Tumors – Diagnostic and Treatment Modalities

1. Summary Ovarian tumors occur in one third of all women gynecology organs. Out of that borderline ovarian tumors occur in 10 – 15% out of all ovarian tumors. They are tumors with low malignant potential, which are different from benign lesions and malignancies by its’ biological behavior and by histological structure.

Borderline Ovarian Tumors – Definition and Classification

1. Summary Borderline ovarian tumors (BOT) usually occur in women in reproductive age. In comparison with invasive ovarian cancers, the borderline tumors occur in younger patients, approximately around 50 years of age, but invasive ovarian carcinoma around age 60. Positive prognosis depend on the facts, that in 80% of cases theses tumors are early diagnosed.

Breast Carcinoma and Treatment Modalities

1. Summary Breast cancer is a disease in which abnormal breast cells grow out of control and form tumours. If left unchecked, the tumours can spread throughout the body and become fatal.

Trends of Breast Plastic Surgery after Surgery for Breast Carcinoma

1. Summary This article describes application of different trends of surgical reconstruction of breast surgical removal of cancer lesion, which is needed for women after this type of surgery from psychological reasons to minding their appearance and increasing their confidence.

Surgical Treatment of Breast Lesions

1. Summary This article is going to describe diagnostics and surgical treatment of non-palpable lesions of breast, the statement of limited surgery approach in treatment of breast cancer, mapping of focused lymphatic node in axilla in breast cancer (SBA) and application of new trends of implantation plastic surgery.

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