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Rare Primary Thymic Т-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma In Childhood- Сlinical Case From Our Practice

As stated in the current World Health Organization classification, T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma is a neoplasm of lympho blasts committed to T-cell lineage involving bone marrow (BM), blood, or presenting as a tissue-based mass involving the thymus, lymph nodes, or extranodal sites. We present a 10 -year -old boy who is a family -burdened mucoviscidosis. Imaging studies report an extended anterior mediastinum. After the first biopsy, the final diagnosis is difficult, which significantly slows down the neces sary treatment. Prolonged treatment with corticosteroids and a heterozygous family-burdened mucoviscidosis is the cause of se vere chemotoxicity after one course of chemotherapy. This is the reason for the completion of treatment by consolidating involved site radiоtherapy. The primary thymic Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare disease. Diagnosis is extremely difficult and requires a biopsy of the tu mor and bone marrow, strictly pathohistological and immunohis tochemical analysis, as well as imaging studies involving CT and PET/CT. The clinical case focuses on the difficult final diagnosis, as well as the need for consolidating involved site radiotherapy of mediastinal tumor mass with a radical dose with strictly preserving the adjacent normal tissues and organs.

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