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Dislodgement of left main stent following intravascular imaging: How the technician disclosed distracted stent and prevented potential serious complications.

A 54-years old patient with chronic ischemic heart disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus presented with multivessel coronary ar tery disease. Complex left main coronary stenosis was treated suc cessfully with 2 stents using Culotte technique followed by stent optimization with intravascular imaging. However, one hour later Cath lab technician during copying images on CD observed that the stent contours from Cx artery were missing. The patient was brought back to Cath lab and distracted stent in the left main was successfully managed.

Persistence HFRS infection risk among migrant outdoor labours in Shanghai, China: a case report

Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), a rodent-borne disease caused by hantaviruses, is clinically characterized by fe ver, circulatory collapse with hypotension, hemorrhage, and acute kidney injury. China has the largest number of HFRS cases world wide, with outbreaks occurring in both eastern coastal cities and inland cities, occasionally resulting in death, it is necessary to find loopholes in prevention and control measures to reduce the occur rence of such infectious diseases.

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