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Dermatological health in the COVID-19 era

COVID-19 and its impact on dermatological health was reviewed from theoretical and statistical frameworks in the present study. A cross-sectional and retrospective work was documented with a se lection of sources indexed to Scopus, considering the period from 2019 to 2022, as well as the search by keywords.

The Importance of Framing at the Beginning of an Review Dialogue

Long-term care of patients with chronic conditions in general prac tice rarely focuses on the treatment process. A specific interaction tool, the Review Dialogue (RD), has been developed to integrate patients’ health-related problems/risks as well as coping strategies and to agree upon shared treatment objectives assuming that peri odical RDs will help to achieve them. Initiated by the GP, the RD changes the role expectations of the patient and doctor. Therefore, the framing of the encounters is of particular importance.


Heterotopic pregnancy is defined by the presence of an intrauter ine pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy in any location, mostly in the uterine tubes. It is a rare obstetric pathology. However, in re cent years its incidence has increased due to assisted reproduction treatments. His diagnosis remains a challenge.

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