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Personnel Policy and Practice: Sustainable Management of Pharmacy, Pharmacists and Pharmaceuticals and How to Bridge the Gap in Human Resources for Health

Worldwide there are different systems for providing pharmacy ser vices. Most countries have some element of state assistance, either for all patients or selected groups such as children, and some pri vate provisions. Medicines are financed either through cost sharing or full private. The role of the private services is therefore much more significant. Nationally, there is a mismatch between the num bers of pharmacists and where are they worked, and the demand for pharmacy services.

Oral Minocycline Challenge as a Potential First-line Therapy for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Long Covid-19 Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome characterized by severe disabling fa tigue, prolonged post-exertional malaise, and unrefreshing sleep markedly reduces the activities of daily living and impairs the quality of life. Central nervous system dysfunction associated with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has been postulated as the main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently, oral mino cycline therapy has been reported to exert favorable therapeutic effects in some patients with ME, especially in the initial stage of the disease, although many patients discontinued treatment in the first few days because of acute adverse effects such as nausea and/or dizziness.

Cystitis glandularis : a case report of a benign bladder tumor

Pseudotumor or florid cystitis glandularis is the bladder urothelial of the which mainly affects humans [1,2,3]. It is facilitated by chronic and recurrent irritation of the bladder. Because of its non-specific symptoms, it poses a diagnostic prob lem with malignant bladder tumors [4]. We report 1 case of cystitis glandularis. In the light of this case, we will discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects as well as the prognosis of this condition.

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