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Cross-sectional study on prevalence of psychological comorbidity in patients with psoriasis

This study investigates the prevalence of psychological comorbid ity in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis vulgaris. Further more, the relation between the type of disorder and the degree of psoriasis severity has been analysed. In 10 German study sites 137 female (61 = 44.5%) and male (76=55.5%) patients that had been diagnosed with moderate or severe psoriasis by a qualified derma tologist were surveyed. The most frequent observed comorbidities were moderate to severe depressive syndromes (23.4%), followed by alcohol syndromes (5.8%) and panic disorders (4.6%). Analysis of relations between the type and severity of disorder and the de gree of psoriasis severity showed no significant correlations. The present data confirm the psychosocial stress of patient with psori asis regardless of the degree of severity.

Bio-Statistics newer advances, Scope & Challenges in Bio-Medical Research

Biostatistics also known as biometry which means ‘measurement of life’ is a branch of applied statistics which deals with collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of data related to biomed ical sciences. It provides a key to better understanding of the med ical discipline. Biological data are always subjected to variation and are affected by various environmental, social and genetic fac tors etc. Biostatistics proves a tool for analysing the data taking into account the variability and to elicit meaningful conclusion in research. In this era of evidence-based medicine.

A letter to the editor written by Christian Bartko, MD

Let me starts with short explanation which led me to write these words to encourage all of you who had experienced or are still experiencing the problem and situation I had gone through. One evening just talking with my partner (who is also a doctor and we operated together in many cases although she is a gynecologist, but our interest is the same in oncology problematic and we started the cooperation in multidisciplinary field of oncology patients) about work we’ve done together, cases and patients to whom we changed the course of life, because most of the cases where defying prec edents in diagnostics and treatment of their diseases and also had impact on the quality and their survival rate.

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