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Tuberculosis: A Rare Cause of Linear Labial Ulceration

Oral location of tuberculosis is rare. It admits a clinical polymor phism and poses above all a problem of diagnosis. We report a case of labial tuberculosis in a 16-year-old patient with underlying lymph node localization.

Prevelance of Ovarian Cancer and Its Corelation with Age in Pakistan

1.1. Introduction: Group of diseases that is originated from the different parts of ovaries and cause production of abnormal cells that divide uncontrolled themselves in the ovaries is known as ovarian cancer. OC is mainly classified into majorly three types on the base of three components of ovaries known as epithelium, stro ma and germinal cells. Approximately, 7000 women develop OC and 4200 of them die every year in UK. In Pakistan the incidence of OC is increasing at the rate of around 13.6%. Approximately 70% cases are diagnosed at later stages.

Treatment of deep burn wounds of the buttocks and perineum using vacuum sealing drainage combined with a homemade anal canal

The aim of this study was to investigate the therapeutic effects of vacuum sealing drainage technology combined with home made anal canal treating the deep burn wounds of the buttocks and perineum. From March 2014 to September 2019, after debride ment of buttocks and perineal granulation wounds in 10 cases with large-area deep burns, autologous postage stamp skin was grafted, homemade silicone tube was inserted and fixed in the anus, contin uous catheterization was performed, and the wounds were treated with vacuum sealing drainage technique for 5-7 days. In 9 cases, most of the skin survived, and the wound was healed after chang ing the dressing. Treating deep burn wounds on the buttocks and perineum with VSD technique and anal insertion of homemade canal significantly improved the skin grafting survival effect, re duced the number of operations and complication, and shortened the treatment time.

Computerized misinterpretation of QT interval in 12-lead electrocardiogram and its clinical consequences: A case of recurrent syncope

The diagnosis of long QT syndrome may be delayed due to ab sence of electrocardiogram (ECG) examination and/or QT interval misdiagnosis. We present the case of a patient who took 8 years before being diagnosed with long QT syndrome. Despite the pres ence of marked QT prolongation and bimodal T waves, automated ECG recording misdiagnosed the patient to be normal. The patient had recurrent syncope; however, repeat ECG examination was not performed because her initial ECG was considered normal.

Management Of Acid Base Disorders In Pregnant Woman

The interpretation of the acid-base status is key in medical practice, being its most frequent use in critically ill pregnant patients with any type of hemodynamic alteration such as hemorrhagic shock or septic shock, which happens in most cases, states of hypoperfusion systemic that produce alteration in the acid base state that gener ates primary disorders such as acidemia or alkalemia and its met abolic or respiratory components. We make an approach through an arterial or venous blood gas analysis, which has the advantage of an evaluation in a short time to be a diagnosis and thus take medical conduct for a better management of the pregnant patient.

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