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A protruded leision with hemorrhage of unexpected histological findings

An 83-year-old man complained of repeated hematochezia for 3 months. No other medical history was reported except for the percutaneous needle aspiration of left renal cyst 10 years ago. Colonoscopy revealed a 25-mm protruded lesion with central ulcer formation at the descending colon (Figure 1A).

Fatal anaphylactic shock from wasp sting despite desensitisation – a case report

Anaphylaxis from Hymenoptera despite conventional venom immunotherapy is rare. We present a case in a previously healthy male with suspected cutaneous mastocytosis, who developed a fatal anaphylaxis due to cerebral hypoperfusion after wasp sting. The report is a reminder that up to 20% of patients allergic to Hymenoptera venom are not protected by conventional venom immunotherapy.

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