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Transverse myelitis in a patient with COVID-19: a case report

1.1. Background: There has been growing evidence of COVID-19 potentially causing a wide range of neurological abnormalities from as mild as anosmia to as serious as stroke. It is important to recognize that amid this pandemic, we have been seeing different manifestations and associations of COVID-19.

Dentoalveolar fracture with dental pulp and periodontal involvment management : A Review Article

1.1. Introduction: Dentoalveolar fractures is common fracture in accident, could be results from motor vehicle accidents, interpersonal violence, falls, sports, bicycle accidents, and other unusual causes. While motor vehicle and interpersonal violence are implicated in the vast number of adult facial fractures, the etiologies in children are somewhat different in that “falls” during daily activities appear to be the most common cause. The wide range of aetiologies clearly suggest that there are factors specific to each study with regard to socio-economic, transport medium, infrastructure, sporting and recreational facilities, etc. which affect the incidence and types of facial fractures observed. Population characteristics are further reasons for differences

Causes and Consequences of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common forms of body pain. Back pain can be felt in many ways. It can range from mild to severe pain that can affect the ability to move. Back pain can be felt as muscle pain, stabbing pain, pain that spreads down the legs, and as reduced flexibility or range of motion. Back pain can be felt as tingling or pricking, a dull feeling of pain or sharp pain. Back pain has a number of causes. Back pain can affect your quality of life.

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