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Syringoma is a benign eccrine sweat gland tumor affecting mostly females at puberty projected with multiple soft papules usually 1-2 mm in diameter. During puberty, syringoma appears among females; it is presented as multiple soft papules, 1-2 mm in diameter, as a benign eccrine sweat gland tumor. The sites of predilection are lower eyelids, and cheeks

Rural Healthcare in Light of a Multinational Pandemic: A Global Perspective

Rural healthcare recently came into international spotlight, with recent reported influx of the COVID-19 into rural regions. This article focuses on susceptibilities of the rural population to pandemics and mitigating measures to prevent formation of disease epicentre. Rural Healthcare is by far one of the most neglected areas of medicine

The nature of Primary Care

It’s important to define what Primary Care is and the priorities and context in which Primary Care works. After few but important and cornerstone words on Primary Care as in Alma Ata Declaration, we needed a Document defining what General Practice is and its competencies, a really authoritative view on what family doctors in Europe should be providing in the way of services and health to patients, at the highest quality and cost effective.

The Assessment of the Whole-Body Vibration on Health Effects in Automobile Assembly Line Worker in South Korea

1.1. Background: In general, whole-body vibration is one of the potential contributors to the development of back disorders of workers. In particular, it is thought that workers at the automobile assembly line are exposed to mechanically induced vibrations, either Whole-body Vibration (WBV) or Hand-arm Vibration (HAV). However, we can not assess the WBV on health effects in automobile assembly line workers.

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