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A Mild form of Familial Mediterranean Fever Associated with aPolymorphisms C.Nt 1588,-69G>

Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is an autosomal recessive autoinflammatory disease caused by mutation(s) in the Mediterranean fever (MEFV, pyrinmarenostrin) gene. FMF is characterized by recurrent fever crisis combined with serosal, synovial, or cutìaneous inflammation. Until now more than 304 sequence variants have been recorded. Here, we describe a case of mild FMF confirmed by analysis of the MEFV gene, characterized by polymorphism c1588-69G>A.

Abdominal Tumor Case Report

The ovarian teratoma is a tumor formed by pluripotent germina cells, benign or malign. In Surgical Clinic 1 there have been operated a lot of giant abdominal tumors.

The Developing Patterns of Calibrated Implant Stability Quotients of Posterior Implants

Many surgical protocols were modified to improve dental implant primary stability for the ensurance of implant success. However, the conclusions of applying osteotome condensation technique could enhance implant stability were controversial. The evaluated ISQs were calibrated to differentiate the stability improvement that applied by varied surgical technique and bone quality at recipient sites. Therefore, this study was aim to examine the developing patterns of calibrated ISQ values induced by osteotome bone condensation and conventional drilling technique at the posterior ridges.

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