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Plasma Cell Granuloma of the Clavicle- A Rare Case Presentation

Plasma cell granuloma (PCG), also known as inflammatory pseudotumor, is a rare non neoplastic lesion. Although the etiology of the lesion is unclear, an altered antigen antibodyreaction have been implicated to play a role. Some authors consider PCG to be a result of inflammation following minor trauma or surgery

An Unusual and Interesting Case of Coronary Cameral Fistula

Coronary cameral fistula is a sizeable communication between a coronary artery, bypassing the myocardial capillary bed and entering a chamber of heart. It constitutes 0.2%-0.4% of congenital cardiac anomaly.Sixty percent of these fistula arise from the right coronary artery and terminate mostly (90%) in the right side of the heart

Preventive Effect and Safety of Pregabalin for FOLFOX-Related Peripheral Neurotoxicity in Patients with Advanced and Recurrent Colorectal Cancer: The Perpetual Study Estimated by United Sections in Gifu for Colorectal Cancer (Perseus CRC-01 Study)

In patients with colorectal cancer, peripheral nerve symptoms as an adverse effect of oxaliplatin (L-OHP) can result in dose restrictions of L-OHP. Presently, there is no effective cure for the peripheral neuropathy caused by L-OHP. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of PGN in unresectable and metastatic colorectal cancer patients with peripheral neuropathy.

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