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Case Report: A 52-Year Healthy Woman Developed Severe Microwave Syndrome Shortly After Installation of a 5G Base Station Close to Her Apartment

In this case report we present a woman aged 52 years who de veloped health problems consistent with the microwave syndrome after installation of a 5G base station facing her apartment at 60 meters’ distance. These symptoms consisted of e.g., headache, diz ziness, concentration difficulties, fatigue, arrhythmia, skin burn ing and nose bleeding corresponding to the microwave syndrome. High radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels were measured in her apartment especially in the part closest to the base station. In her living room at the window 17 500 to 758 000 μW/m2 peak levels were obtained during 10 measurements, each over 1 minute. At the place of her sofa in her living room peak levels from 36 800 to 222 000 μW/m2 were measured. It is noteworthy that very high radiation was found at the balcony facing the base station. All ten measurements at that place yielded within 10-15 seconds peak lev els >2 500 000 μW/m2 , which is the highest measurable level with the meter used in this study. At the playground about 40 meters from the base station peak levels of 1 120 000 μW/m2 and 479 000 μW/m2 were measured, respectively. After temporally leaving the apartment for another dwelling with much lower RF radiation, 96 to 2 810 μW/m2 peak levels, almost all symptoms disappeared within a short time. After moving back to her own apartment the symptoms reappeared. This study is in line with the results of our two previous case studies showing that installation of 5G caused an extreme increase in exposure and rapid development of the mi crowave syndrome. These case studies indicate that implementa tion of 5G cannot be done without the risk of harmful effects on human health.

One Case of Abnormal Liver Function with Unknown Reason

1.1. Background: One case of abnormal liver function with un known reason was reported in this paper. It was a rare case with rare manifestations. 1.2. Case Presentation: A 6 years old boy, with a chief complain of “persistent abnormal liver function for one and a half years”, ad mitted for a preliminary diagnosis as abnormal liver biochemistry index, reason to be investigated. After medical history collection, physical examination and routine examination, common causes of liver damage have been eliminated. Finally, the medical history was combed again, and it was found that the patient had poor mo tor function and some mental retardation. After genetic testing, the patient was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy. 1.3. Conclusions: Transaminase increase is less seen as the first symptom in this kind of hereditary metabolic diseases, which re minds clinicians to pay attention.

Comparison of Two Theories of Hearing

A comparison of two theories of hearing: Theory No. 1 – the old theory by Bekesy, published in 1928. Theory No. 2 – a new, modern theory, Submolecular Theory of Hearing –.

Soliton Phenomena in the Process of the Functioning of the Heart

The biochemical model explains the intricate mechanisms of psy chobiological life. He still cannot explain what the transition from inanimate to living matter is all about. Where is the threshold and what is its essence, what role do biochemical processes play in the coherence of the soma with consciousness and its impact on the soma and vice versa? A similar problem is with other mental pro cesses, their nature does not fit into the biochemical model of life and is inexplicable on the basis of biochemical interactions, again it is much easier to describe it in the light of quantum processes – including wave physics. It is similar with the functioning of the heart or other organs, where only the biochemical processes of the cell are considered, ignoring the bioelectronic processes. Man is not only a purely biological construct, but also contains the basis of biochemical, bioelectronic, information and cybernetic process es that are responsible for shaping the psychobiological processes of man. Contemporary biosystems in science are considered at the level of corpuscular structures, ignoring energy and information structures. By shifting the cognitive emphasis towards energy and information structures, the organism can be perceived as a quan tum generator of information: electromagnetic, soliton, acoustic, spin and bioplasma. This bioelectronic construction creates homo electronicus with his electronic personality

Multicentric and Prospective Trial of Vulvovaginitis Treatment Comparing Propionibacterium Extract [Immunovag®] With Metronidazole Plus Clotrimazole [Meclon®]

Vulvo-Vaginal Infections [VVI] strongly interferes with the wom an’s quality of life. Antibiotic treatments, alone or combined with an antifungal compound, are commonly and successfully used. Nevertheless, they can impair genital microbiota, with long-term disorders, such as a flare-up of genital disturbances due to chang es of endogenous lactobacilli. Alternatively, probiotics have been proposed. This prospective multicenter double-arm study, per formed in 72 premenopausal women diagnosed with VVI, whose etiology was Gardnerella Vaginalis (n=9), Candida Albicans (n=21), or Bacterial Vaginosis (n=42), was performed to com pare the clinical efficacy of a short-term treatment with a vaginal gel containing the bacteria lysate obtained by Propionibacterium acnes [Immunovag®, Depofarma, Mogliano Veneto, Italy] given for 5 days (n=40) with that of vaginal suppositories containing metronidazole and clotrimazole [Meclon®, Alfasigma SPA, Bo logna, Italy] given for 6 days (n=32). The study was conducted at the gynecological Departments of the University-Hospitals of Cagliari, Catania, Catanzaro, Genova and Modena – Reggio Emilia [Italy]. At post-treatment evaluation (10 days from the screening and randomization), regardless of VVI etiology and type of treat ment, a significant decrease (p

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