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The Physics of Darwinian Evolution

1. Abstract This paper describes the physical (thermodynamic) laws that govern Darwinian Evolution. When one understands how to apply these laws of physics, it becomes clear how clinical, experimental, and empirical examples of Darwinian Evolution behave the way they do. In particular, this paper shows which thermodynamic laws need to be applied to model and […]

Very High Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation at Skeppsbron in the Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden

We published recently three case reports on persons that developed the microwave syndrome within short after the installation of 5G base station close to their dwellings. The health symptoms were attributed to high levels of RF radiation measured in their apart ments. Since before we have reported levels of RF radiation at cer tain places in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2019 one location with es pecially high levels was at Skeppsbron in the Old Town

A Pre-Neoplastic Lesion: A Case Study

The aim of this paper is to report a case of Actinic Dermatosis in an 8-year-old female adult dog with erythematous skin. In the clinical evaluation, the animal presented normal parameters for the species, but, due to the lesions observed, cytological and parasito logical skin tests were requested, which showed the presence of bacteria (cocci), degenerated neutrophils, and dermatophyte fungi, and demodicidosis. Treatment consisted of the use of numerous drugs such as itraconazole, amoxicillin with potassium clavulo nate, predinisolone, Sarolaner, and immunomodulators. In addi tion, the animal has a topical treatment with ketoconazole sham poo and cream. Generally, deep pyoderma that reach the follicle of dogs and form ulcerated wounds, cause a chronic inflammation of the skin, due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, or familial predisposition or microbial hypersensitivity, or due to other diseases and, usual ly, they are recurrent and do not allow healing. However, in this specific case, the treatment allowed the animal to improve nearly 80%.

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